OEMs outsource to achieve specific goals. At SigmaTron International, we understand that our customers aren’t simply looking for a supplier who can build their product. They want a partner who understands their challenges and can create a solution that addresses those challenges. We’ve spent nearly three decades building a business model that supports that. What can you expect from our team?


We don’t cut corners. While we may make cost reduction suggestions, your approved vendor list (AVL) determines what we buy. We also feel that every employee contributes to our success. Our work environments meet or exceed legal requirements in every region in which we do business. We also meet or exceed environmental and business regulations in the regions in which we do operations.


We see ourselves as an extension of our customers’ manufacturing operations. In some cases, we are our customers’ total manufacturing operation. We’ve created proprietary systems to support 24/7 visibility into project status to ensure that customers have the critical information they need to make decisions when they need it. Also, as a publicly traded company, our financial transparency benefits our customers.


Our team has the technical expertise and business knowledge to solve the most complex project challenges. We’ve put the systems, processes and people in place to provide exceptional service and superior quality.


Needs change over time. We’ve built a global network of facilities to support varying customer strategies. Whether you want regional support, cost reduction through a move offshore, or the ability to build in China for product you sell in China, we have a solution.


From the top down, we are committed to service excellence. We routinely look at ways we should adjust our business model to better support strategic customer needs. We have a flat management structure and make decisions rapidly when customers have special requirements.

If you are looking for an EMS provider who is large enough to provide a global network of manufacturing options plus cost competitive supply chain management, but small enough that senior management knows your name and understands your company’s objectives, Contact Us today.

Gary R. Fairhead
President and Chief Executive Officer