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7/2018 – To Fixture or Not?

5/2018 – Lean and Design for Manufacturability

3/2018- Line Balancing Inline Functional Test

1/2018 – Throughput Challenges in Automotive Electronics Manufacturing

11/2017 – How Lean is Too Lean in Supply-Chain Management?

9/2017 – Lean and Cellular Manufacturing

7/2017 – Defect Migration: A Two-Part Strategy

5/2017 – Lean Philosophy and Dual Plant Outsourcing Strategies

3/2017 – Achieving Successful Flex Circuit Assemblies

3/2017 – Leaning Low-to-Medium Volume High-Level Assembly Processes

1/2017 – SigmaTron International Named Midtronics’ Supplier of the Year

1/2017 – The EMS/OEM Communications Feedback Loop

11/2016 – LED Assembly and Lean Manufacturing

9/2016 – Integrating the Design Team Relationships

7/2016 – Lean Philosophies Applied to High Volume Test

5/2016 –A Holistic Approach to Leaning Spares Production

3/2016 – Repair Depot and EMS: A Lean Approach

11/2015 – Lean Systems Strategy for Low-Cost Countries

9/2015 – A Focus on DfT Pays Lean NPI Dividends

7/2015 – 5S Plus: Addressing the Challenge of Sustainability

6/2015 – Contract Manufacturing and Conflict Minerals: Creating a Workable Compliance System

5/2015 – Creating a Proactive Problem Solving Culture

5/2015 – Mitigating Supply Chain Disruptions

3/2015 – Lean Manufacturing and IT

1/2015 – Lean Manufacturing and Test

11/2014 – Eliminating the 7 Wastes Throughout the Production Cycle

9/2014 – Driving Continuous Improvement with an 8D Framework

7/2014 – Benefits of Defect Data Recording and Analysis

5/2014 – Lean Supply Chain Tradeoffs

3/2014 – The Role of DfM in Lean Manufacturing

1/2014 – Using Lean principles to enhance productivity in lower-cost labor regions

10/2012 – Video Interview at SMTAI in Orlando, FL
Curtis Campbell, VP of Sales – West Coast Operations, discusses SigmaTron’s ability to support nearshore and offshore sourcing options.

10/2012 – SMTAI Paper: The Evolving Nature of Offshore/Onshore Options

This presentation looks at regional advantages/disadvantages in Asia, the U.S. and Mexico from the perspective of a contract manufacturer with facilities in those regions, and discusses the project types likely to fit best in each region.