At SigmaTron International, we recognize that as an extension of our customers’ manufacturing operations, we are also an extension of their reputation.

We take that responsibility seriously. We ensure superior quality through a combination of well-trained people, robust systems and a focus on minimizing variation in our processes.

Quality managers are resident at each facility. Production operators are trained for each operation they support and also are responsible for verifying the quality of work performed at the prior workstation. Six Sigma tools are used in continuous improvement initiatives.

Our MRM and Wallaby systems support serialization, traceability and device history recordkeeping. Quality data is collected real-time at several points throughout the production process and quality reporting can be customized to specific customer requirements. Documentation control is centralized.

Supplier Performance Measurement
Suppliers are measured on on-time delivery, ongoing quality performance and cost on a continuous basis. Performance is tracked by the production facility consuming the material. Suppliers access their feedback via their primary purchasing agents. Suppliers of custom components are audited as part of the qualification process. Audits are repeated if quality issues arise or the scope of the business changes.

Process Control
From a quality standpoint, we strive to minimize variation in production process. Automation is used wherever possible. When manual assembly is done, jigs, fixtures and visual aids are used to increase efficiency and repeatability.  At the board level, IPC-A-610 workmanship standards are used. AOI and x-ray systems are used to inspect complex printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). Statistical process control (SPC) is used to monitor conformity to control limits at several points in the production process. There is a robust system for preventive and corrective action.

Visit our Certifications page for a list of quality certifications by facility.