High quality production requires a manufacturable and testable design.

SigmaTron International provides customers with a plan to both improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs by employing a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review using Valor’s vPlan software with access to the Valor part library . This system integrates all materials and engineering data into a single database for efficient pre-production execution and team communication. Once all of the relevant data (bills of material, AVL, Gerber files, ODB++ files, etc.) are uploaded, the system analyzes the product and optimizes it for manufacturability and assembly.

Robust Test Engineering Support

Our experienced test engineering team provides Design for Testability (DFT) recommendations and can support a wide range of test options. We can provide test development for both in-circuit and functional testing. We can also develop boundary scan test programs for both memory and non-memory devices.

Superior Quality, Reduced Project Launch Time

Design verification is performed based on pre-defined manufacturing constraints. Our combination of highly automated processes overseen by an experienced engineering team minimizes the potential for human error, improves productivity and reduces project launch time.

Specialized Product Development Support

SigmaTron’s Spitfire Controls Division provides product development engineering and system integration expertise to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in appliance and industrial applications. A shared development business model is utilized to engineer customer-owned products which may license some of Spitfire’s proprietary software. For detailed capabilities, click here.