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New Quarterly Newsletter Introduced

Welcome to the inaugural issue of SigmaTron International’s newsletter, The Source.

“Our newsletter is another way we are trying to do a better job of communicating the exciting things that are happening at SigmaTron. Each issue will discuss ways our systems and expertise provide robust outsourcing solutions,” said Curtis Campbell, SigmaTron’s Vice President Sales, West Coast Operations.

SigmaTron’s newsletter will be published quarterly. Feel free to send comments and/or suggestions for newsletter topics to Curtis at curtis.campbell@sigmatronintl.com.

SigmaTron International Gets a New Look

SigmaTron International is getting a new look and taking a new approach to the way it educates the market on its comprehensive solutions.
“Traditionally we have chosen to focus on building a business infrastructure that addresses the requirements of our customer base and our team has done an excellent job in achieving that goal. But we haven’t made extraordinary efforts to really communicate just how comprehensive a solution we’ve developed. Our new marketing campaign addresses that,” said Gary Fairhead, SigmaTron’s President and CEO.

SigmaTron’s new slogan is One Source. Global Options. Not surprisingly, a key goal of the new marketing program is to better educate prospects and customers on the wide range of solutions available through SigmaTron’s global network of facilities. The Company’s focus on keeping customers in the loop 24/7 with a mix of proprietary and industry-standard systems is also discussed in depth.

Curtis Campbell, Vice President of Sales, West Coast Operations  presented a paper titled, “The Evolving Nature of Onshore/Offshore Options,” at the SMTA International conference in Orlando in October 2012 and also participated in a panel focused on “Nearshoring: Addressing the Sourcing Equation” at the IPC APEX conference in February. Copies of those presentations and recent articles are available in the News section of SigmaTron’s redesigned website.

In addition to expanded information on SigmaTron’s capabilities, the new website also includes a video that highlights the range of solutions the Company can provide. The Company has rolled out an ad campaign in several electronics industry publications and has begun exhibiting at industry tradeshows. SigmaTron’s LinkedIn site has also been updated.

“Sourcing strategies are changing and SigmaTron has a lot to offer companies who want highly focused support and global manufacturing options. We have strong teams in the US, plus three high quality Mexican manufacturing facilities. Our China facility is permitted to perform domestic production as well as build products that are exported. We’ve just added a facility in Vietnam. The marketing campaign is getting that message out and now it is time for our sales team to get to work,” added Campbell.

Union City Facility Enhances Capabilities with New Equipment

SigmaTron International’s Union City facility has added equipment to both increase efficiency and better support customers with complex PCBA requirements.

The new equipment includes:

  • Two Fuji AIMEX SMT placement machine with V12 and H02 heads
  • A Vitronics-Soltec XPM 1240 12-zone nitrogen convection reflow oven
  • An inline Test Research Inc. TR-7550L AOI system
  • An ACE K.I.S.S. LTS200 inline selective wave solder machine with dual solder pots to support RoHS and leaded production
  • An Agilent TS-8900 functional test system
  • An Agilent Medalist i1000 DTS tester.

The new SMT line will enable SigmaTron to place 01005 component packages and package-on-package (POP) parts. The Fuji placement machine adds both speed and the greater accuracy needed to place smaller package sizes. The inline AOI system has higher resolution cameras
to support inspection of smaller packages. The new line’s feeders and software work together to provide greater traceability data collection.  The line will also support larger format PCBAs up to 18-inch x 24-inch.

“We wanted a line capable of both supporting the packaging miniaturization trends we are seeing with some of the leading edge companies we support in this market. However, we also needed the capability to process large format PCBAs for customers in specialized markets. This line addresses both of those requirements well,” said Yousef Heidari, SigmaTron’s Vice President of Engineering, NPI/Prototype Center.
The selective soldering equipment supports a higher quality solution than manual soldering for through-hole PCBAs.

“Multi-plane boards are difficult to manually solder because they have too much copper to easily reach the melting point thoughout the board without pre-heating. Automated selective soldering provides a much better solution for this. It is also a cleaner solution than wave solder, and more energy efficient for smaller lot sizes,” Heidari added.

Alliance With Infinite Vision Enhances Product Development Support

SigmaTron International has formed a strategic alliance with Infinite Vision, LLC to enhance the range of solutions it can offer its customer base. Infinite Vision is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California. Under the terms of the agreement, the firms will team up on projects where clients need both product development and manufacturing support.

“The alliance with Infinite Vision significantly enhances the range of engineering resources we can offer customers, particularly in the medical realm. Similarly, our global footprint enhances the range of manufacturing solutions that their team can offer clients. Plus, our joint customers get the advantage of having a design and manufacturing team that works seamlessly to develop a competitively priced, high quality, manufacturable/testable product. It is a win-win situation for all parties,” said Raj Upadhyaya, Executive Vice President, West Coast Divisions.
Infinite Vision was formed three years ago with the goal of bringing together the best resources to provide the best solutions.

“We selected the name Infinite Vision to underscore our enthusiasm for addressing complex product development challenges, “ said Charles Skinner, Infinite Vision’s President.

The product development firm has approximately 10 full-time engineers and scales up with additional contract resources as needed.  Services include: project management, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, firmware development, FPGA design, PCB design, ID, regulatory approval support, test engineering and manufacturing  engineering. Infinite Vision can support product development from concept through production release.   Infinite Vision includes SigmaTron in the design cycle through design reviews. This ensures proper material selection and a focus on DFM/DFT. The design team participates in creation of the manufacturing process instructions and is on hand for manufacturing runs. The team can also provide product lifecycle management (PLM) support for longer lifecycle product. Although the firm’s primary industry focus has been medical and biotech, it also supports DOD, industrial, solder and commercial product development. Another advantage is that Infinite Vision is willing to provide as much or as little support as a client needs, becoming the entire product development team or simply filling gaps in an existing product development team.

Space for an Infinite Vision work area has been set aside in SigmaTron’s Union City, CA facility. When teaming on joint projects members of the firm’s staff will be able work alongside SigmaTron’s engineering and production team to provide a more seamless solution.

“The alliance with Infinite Vision allows us to provide our customers with a breadth of engineering support options not widely available in the EMS industry. In particular, we can now offer mission critical customers in highly regulated industries, such as medical and aerospace, a product development support solution that conforms to their more complex documentation and design qualification requirements,” said Yousef Heidari, SigmaTron’s V.P. of Engineering, NPI/Prototype Center.