We Keep You in the Loop


Knowledge is competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced world. As end market demand variability increases, you need to know what you’ve got in the pipeline at all times. SigmaTron International uses a combination of robust systems and program management support to ensure that you have access to project status 24/7.

Systems Optimized for Project Visibility
SigmaTron combines Exact Macola ES ERP software with an internally-developed management information system, known as iSCORE, to track demand, material on order, inventory, work-in-process, finished goods and shipments. Our proprietary SCORE customer portal gives you visibility into project status at all times. SCORE’s advantages include:

  • The ability to track your product through the manufacturing process with order, manufacturing, and shipping  status available 24/7
  • Real-time data that lets you see changes as they happen
  • An order notes feature that lets you know exactly what we know
  • Direct email links to your Program Manager
  • All the details of your shipped orders with just one click.

SigmaTron’s internal systems also collect quality data and provide robust traceability and device history recordkeeping. Quality reports can be customized to your project’s specific needs.

Program Teams Tailored to Your Project
A program manager serves as your central point of contact and a dedicated program team is structured based on your requirements. Conference calls and project review meetings are scheduled based on your requirements. The goal is to align our systems and resources with your team’s preferences to create an efficient flow of information and rapid response to changing project requirements.