Customers with highly regulated, mission critical products have very specialized needs. SigmaTron International’s U.S. facilities are ITAR-registered to support the product and documentation security requirements commonly found in the defense industry. Our Union City, CA facility is also registered to AS9100D to support the quality requirements associated with the aerospace industry.

Our shop ­floor control and quality management systems have been designed to support robust traceability requirements and customized quality reporting, common to most mission critical applications. Our network of facilities also offers lower cost labor market options for products or subassemblies which aren’t limited by ITAR restrictions. We can support your product’s full lifecycle with highly automated production and test options. We also have the ability to support specialized production requirements related to high reliability products.

Our key support capabilities include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (all facilities)
  • ITAR-registered (all U.S. facilities)
  • Strong internal systems which support serialization, traceability and device history recordkeeping
  • Specialized production and test capabilities
    • Aqueous cleaning capability
    • Degreaser
    • Conformal and parylene coating capability
    • Component tinning
    • Digital microwave/GPS/RF test expertise

Product expertise includes:

  • Avionics control systems
  • Battlefield electronics
  • Communications and data management
Case Studies

Superior Cleanliness Requirements

A manufacturer of avionics equipment wanted to ensure virtually no ionic contamination on its printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). SigmaTron utilized no clean solder followed by a two-stage cleaning process. A vapor degreaser was used after SMT placement and reflow to provide a gentle, yet thorough cleaning process. A water wash with a saponifi­er, followed by a DI rinse was used after board assembly was complete. The boards were then conformal coated.

The PCBAs consistently meet or test below IPC’s J-STD-001E Ionic Cleanliness Standard requirements.

High Reliability Products

A defense products manufacturer was concerned about risk of tin whiskers and gold causing solder joint embrittlement and implemented more stringent component prep requirements to minimize its risk. SigmaTron utilizes a tinning process which places tin/lead solder on components with 100% tin-plated terminations/pins. Thicker gold plating, usually found on the connector pins, is replaced by tin/ lead coating. Test yields for this product are consistently near 100% and there have been no ­field failures.