Focused on Productivity


At SigmaTron International, we focus on enhancing productivity in both our manufacturing and our business processes through automation, eliminating non-value added transactions, utilizing management information systems that provide real-time status visibility and focusing on continuous improvement initiatives throughout the company.

Systems for Visibility

Our Exact Macola ES ERP system combined with our iSCORE suite of supply chain management tools are designed to provide close linkage with our supply chain on forecasted requirements, actual demand, material on order and inventory on hand, and automatically adjust as demand trends change. Internally, our proprietary systems monitor real-time production status, quality trends and shipments. Our SCORE customer portal gives you 24/7 project status visibility.

Working Smarter

We utilize Agile PLM tools and Valor software to speed New Product Introduction (NPI) and design for manufacturability/testability (DFM/DFT) analysis.

As a pilot project in China, we have converted to an electronic standard operating procedure (ESOP) system that enables operators to view visual aids, detailed work instructions and historic defect data, plus participate in in-line video training via monitors at each workstation. The system ensures documentation integrity, speeds changeovers and gives operators the tools they need to fully understand the processes they support. This system will deployed in other facilities over time.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Our employees are committed to building high quality products and actively participate in quality improvement initiatives. Our internal systems provide real-time data collection and process feedback. We have robust preventive and corrective action processes. Six Sigma tools are used to drive improvement in both manufacturing and administrative processes.