Leading Edge to Legacy


Companies outsource for a variety of reasons and project support needs change over time. At SigmaTron International, we don’t believe that changing needs should force you to change EMS providers. We also recognize that many companies have a basket of sourcing needs that includes products of varying age and technologies. We’ve designed our network of facilities to efficiently support the full lifecycle production requirements of leading edge products plus the requirements of products incorporating older technologies or significant electromechanical content. On the business side, we also offer a variety of solutions for migrating products with cost pressures to lower cost regions in both North America and Asia.

Focused Support for New Product Introduction and Prototypes

We can support both standalone new product introduction (NPI) and prototyping requirements as well as those that are part of production ramp. We utilize Agile PLM tools to streamline the NPI process and our engineering team rapidly analyzes products for design for manufacturability/testability (DFM/DFT) utilizing Valor. We also offer both AOI and flying probe test options to ensure robust testing with minimal non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs at this phase of the project.

Efficient Solutions for Volume Production

Our board-level assembly solutions support leading edge SMT, mixed technology and legacy through-hole printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). Our through-hole assembly capabilities are automated to ensure higher quality at lower cost. We offer a variety of test solutions including AOI, flying probe, in-circuit, boundary scan, functional and burn-in. We provide efficient system-level assembly solutions, both from a materials and manufacturing perspective. We can also customize fulfillment and repair depot strategies.

A Migration Path for Margin Sensitive Product

Our three Mexico facilities combined with our China and Vietnam facilities provide a range of options for migration to lower labor cost regions or nearshoring closer to your end market. We apply the same focus on efficiency and automation in these regions as we do in our U.S. facilities, ensuring the same high levels of quality and responsiveness.