A One Source® Product Development and Manufacturing Solution


Our expert team listens to your challenge and constructs and an innovative solution



Our shared development model cuts time and cost in the design cycle


Your product seamlessly ramps to volume production in the SigmaTron facility of your choice

SigmaTron International offers a shared development business model to minimize design costs for customers who value high-quality designs, field reliability and delivery performance. The end result is a customer-owned product which utilizes SigmaTron-licensed, proprietary software. This service includes:

  • Existing design validation – DFx audits, with simplifications aimed at cost reduction
  • Updates and feature-additions to existing designs
  • Intervention and completion of partial designs
  • (Design) quality assurance
  • 3D Printing in support of prototyping and/or tooling
  • Software engineering
  • Hardware engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Design validation and qualification support for new products
  • Seamless ramp to a SigmaTron manufacturing facility.

We also an established product innovator, with a portfolio of patents in control technologies. Our goal is to streamline our customers’ product realization process. We have a track record of designing total solutions that solve specific customer challenges and enhance product value. Our seasoned engineering team mixes proven design processes and expertise with creativity in developing required solutions.

Key areas of design expertise include:

Hardware Design

  • Off-line power supplies 1-15W, isolated, SMPS in various topologies
  • Microcontroller-based designs
  • Low cost, high reliability load switching
  • Board-to-board communications with transient immunity

Mechanical Design

  • Designers with decades of experience designing injection molded plastic parts
  • Electronic housings, interface parts
  • PCB layout with single-sided artistry, saving money on one of the most expensive parts

Software Design

  • Bare metal operating systems keep flash sizes small and reduce complexity
  • Safety certified UL 60730 Class B products in field
  • Majority of projects utilize one software engineer which leads to fewer mistakes

Our Design Services team provides a number of advantages not found in standalone product development firms including:

  • Reduced time to product realization
  • Design for manufacturability/testability expertise
  • Significant expertise in the area of control design and manufacturing
  • Lowest total cost through a combination of design focused on minimal component count, competitively priced supply chain and efficient manufacturing operations
  • Access to a global network of manufacturing facilities providing customized, high quality manufacturing solutions.

Note to consumers of electronics: SigmaTron does not provide direct replacement parts to individual consumers. For more information regarding replacement (or to service) a product application that contains our controls, contact the product manufacturer or retail outlet where the product was purchased.

Related Cases Studies

New Technology

An industrial customer wanted to develop a new generation of Internet of Things (IoT) connected products. SigmaTron’s design team developed an accessory device that worked with their cloud provider and a mobile app, which developed concurrently. Once the technology was proven, SigmaTron’s team helped them develop more powerful uses of the technology for low cost automation solutions.

Product Redesign

An industrial customer had a set of older technology control boards that were wired together at multiple point. Recognizing the manufacturing and material inefficiencies in the design, SigmaTron’s team integrated the interface components and load switching into a single microcontroller-based control. Assembly time was reduced and field service efficiency was enhanced.