Supplier Compliance


At SigmaTron International, Inc. (“SigmaTron”), we are committed to service excellence. That translates to responsiveness to customer needs, transparency in what we do, high ethical standards, and compliance with the environmental and business regulations in the regions in which we do business. We expect our suppliers to have a similar commitment to those values.

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Suppliers are measured on ongoing quality performance, delivery performance, overall service performance, cost and other performance indicators, if specified. Performance is tracked by the production facility consuming the material. Suppliers of custom or mission critical components selected by SigmaTron, or in some cases by our customers, are audited as part of the qualification process. If quality issues arise or the scope of the business changes, audits or in-house technical support are provided. Suppliers should request a copy of SigmaTron’s Supplier Quality Manual from their purchasing agent for more detailed information in this area.

Green Compliance Service Center

Our Green Compliance Service Center interfaces closely with component engineers and procurement professionals in our Taiwan International Purchasing Office (IPO) and our facility-specific procurement teams to gather necessary materials documentation from suppliers related to regulatory, social, and environmental legislative initiatives requirements such as evolving RoHS legislation, REACH, Conflict Minerals and California’s Proposition 65, as well as customer specific initiatives. We expect our suppliers to support all information requests.

SigmaTron’s Conflict Minerals Policy

SigmaTron shares concerns about the use of resources to fund armed conflict in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and is intent on making sure its activities are not contributing to the issue. SigmaTron is working to comply with this legislation and to ensure that specified minerals which it uses in its products are conflict free. Further, SigmaTron has reporting processes in place and requires periodic chain of custody declarations from all SigmaTron-sourced and managed suppliers to ensure transparency in its supply chain.

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Expectations for SigmaTron Suppliers

SigmaTron expects its suppliers to source materials from socially responsible suppliers. This means that SigmaTron will not only source from regular suppliers using sources from regions other than the DRC and its adjoining countries, but also source with suppliers who have confirmed conflict free sources even if those sources do come from the DRC and its adjoining countries.

SigmaTron expects suppliers to familiarize themselves and comply with the Dodd-Frank regulations, to implement Conflict Mineral policies that are consistent with this policy and provide all necessary declarations. Additionally, suppliers must:

  • Pass all of these requirements on to their supply chain if they don’t source directly from smelters and determine the source of specified minerals.
  • Maintain reviewable business records for a period of not less than seven (7) years supporting the source of specified minerals.
  • Provide to SigmaTron written certifications and other information concerning the source of specified minerals included in products and components supplied to SigmaTron and the supplier’s compliance with this policy generally, when requested.

Detailed instructions for SigmaTron’s reporting requirements may be found here.

Social Responsibility/Sustainability Compliance

SigmaTron is committed to maintaining ethical business practices, treating our employees with dignity and conducting our business in environmentally responsible ways and we expect our suppliers to share these values. Our business philosophy is outlined here.

Suppliers who are non-compliant to these requirements and values shall be reviewed by SigmaTron for future business. If there are any questions regarding Conflict Minerals, product compliance, or corporate social responsibility issues, or if you need Conflict Mineral Reporting forms, please contact your purchasing representative.